16th Century Italian Cuirass - Breastplate - Chest Armour

Our 16th Century Italian Cuirass is a Renaissance cuirass and made in the Italian fashion of around 1520. Expertly hand crafted, this historically dished steel Armour includes rolled - roped edges and heavy-duty leather straps. The sides of the breastplate and back plate are held together with spring pins. Comes with optional Gorget, Peascod style Breast plate, Back Plate and integral articulated tassets (thigh defenses). This 16th century Armour is made to measure, so please include your measurements when ordering (see below). Constructed from your choice of 19, 17, 16 or 14 ga steel plates. If you don't plan on wearing your armor for reenactments or jousting please indicate on the measurements section.

Armour Measurements - Requires - 2a thru 2c and 3a thru 4a

* Museum Quality Reproduction
* Custom Made to Measure
* Fully Wearable
* Gorget (neck armor) is Available
* Includes: Breastplate
* Includes: Backplate
* Includes: Tassets (thigh armor)

Please allow 4 to 16 weeks for delivery.

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MSRP: $1,845.00

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  • Custom Sized, Measurements Required (see link above)
  • Standard Matt Finish
  • 1.0 mm
  • No Gorget
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