Viking Jarl Sword

This Viking Sword has an immaculately crafted hilt with fine details cast in quality bronze. The pommel is a two-piece construction consisting of a pommel base which houses and anchors the blade tang. This base is fitted over with a pommel cap which is dual riveted to the base to create a solid and secure hilt construction.

The blade is forged from high carbon steel and the wooden grip is overlaid in quality leather. The sword is paired with a leather-bound wooden scabbard with finely-cast bronze fittings to match its companion sword. A suspension loop of bronze allows the sword and scabbard to be worn with a belt or baldric.

* Cast Bronze Hilt
* EN45 High Carbon Steel Blade
* Riveted and Threaded Pommel Cap
* Complete with leather covered scabbard
* Finely-cast bronze Scabbard fittings match and complement hilt

Overall Length: 38-1/4''
Blade Length: 31-1/4''
Grip: 4-1/16''
P.O.B.: 4-3/8''
Thickness: 4.2mm - 4.6mm
Width: 44.3 mm
Edge: Unsharpened
Pommel: Threaded - Riveted
Weight: 3 lb 7 oz

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