Brookhart Teutonic War Sword by Legacy Arms

Brookhart Teutonic Sword from Legacy Arms.

Although the Militant Order is well known for their activities in the Holy Land, both branches continued to be the powerful first of the Germanic kingdoms for several centuries. Even called upon to meet the Mongol hordes when they crossed the frozen Dandube River in 1241 at the battle of Leibnitz. Later they destroyed the sun worshipers in Lithuania when the Pope called the final Crusade against them.

The blade of the Teutonic war sword is hand forged from 5160 carbon steel and hand tempered. The blade is then securely peened at pommel. The handle is wood wrapped in black leather. Sword also includes a wood scabbard wrapped in black leather with steel accents at throat and tip.

Key Features:
Authentic styling
Full tang construction
High carbon steel blade
Steel cross guard and pommel

Blade Length: 36 Inches
Width at guard: 1 7/8 Inches
Blade steel: 5160
Handle/Hilt Length: 6 3/8 Inches
Overall Length: 44 7/8 Inches
Balance Point: 6 1/2 Inches Below Hilt
Weight: 3 lbs 14 oz

Handmade: Specifications may vary

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