Viking Age Sword

Viking Age Sword is a stunning example of how simple Viking weapons can be made into striking works of art. Like most Viking swords, this weapon features a relatively simple blade. Made from high carbon spring steel, this wide blade is one that would have been suitable for chopping and cutting, although its point allows for a devastating thrust. A fuller runs down the length of the blades spine, lowering the weight of the blade while allowing it to retain its incredible strength. The hilt is made entirely from brass and encompasses the blades single tang. The guard is a short, small crossbar, while the pommel is a half-wheel shape. Included with the sword is a leather-wrapped scabbard decorated with brass adornments.

Key Features:
Modeled After a Traditional Viking Sword
Features Simple Yet Attractive Decorations
Pommel and Guard are Made Entirely From Brass Metal
High Carbon Spring Steel Blade Features a Long Fuller
Includes a Leather-Wrapped Scabbard with Brass Ornamentation
An Ideal Viking Weapon
An Absolutely Amazing Display Item or Collectors Piece

Overall Length: 37-1/4''
Blade: 31-5/8''
Blade: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Thickness: 3.4 mm - 3.9 mm
Width: 43.7 mm

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