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Single Brass Jaehaerys Dragon

Single Brass Jaehaerys Dragon

Jaehaerys Targaryen is also known as "The Old King" or "The Conciliator". He was the fourth Targaryen King and a dragonrider. Jaehaerys brought to the realm a time of great peace, aided by his beloved sister-wife, Good Queen Alysanne. Alysanne convinced him to abolish the lord's right to the first night. As his Hand, Jaehaerys chose Septon Barth, a smith's son who served him for forty years. Such was Jaehaerys's wisdom and skill at diplomacy that he even managed to negotiate a truce and bring fifty years of peace between Houses Bracken and Blackwood, two houses whose animosity has lasted for well over two thousand years. This coin is struck in 80% copper, 20% zinc. Obverse features the king with his flowing beard, reverse shows a beautifully detailed dragon- perhaps his mount?

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