Plain Arm Bracers AW1082

Every warrior needs to have his forearms protected during a battle. Whether it be from foam LARP swords or heavy weapons fighting with SCA rattan swords, these open arm bracers can provide that need.

Openings on the inside of the bracers makes them lighter for faster swordplay while at the same time protecting you from blows on the outside.

The standard Plain Arm Bracers are made from 18 gauge mild steel. Other options are also available at an extra charge. They fit all regular size forearms and are easily adjustable with one leather strap attached to the wrist, one close to the elbow and two brass eyelets are at the other side. You can attach the bracers to your elbow piece, your chainmail sleeve or arming jacket.

These bracers can also be used for Medieval and Renaissance Re-enactment events.

For LARP use we recommend (20 to 18 gauge thickness)
For SCA use we recommend (18 - 16 gauge thickness)


* Sold as a Pair
* Available in mild steel
* Available in Stainless steel
* Steel thickness 20 Ga to 16 Ga
* Available in a Blackened Finish

Length: 7 inches (18 cm)
SKU#: AW1082
MSRP: $160.00

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  • 18 Ga Steel
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