Age of Conan The Board Game

This is an age of strife and sorcery. An age of might, splendor, and decadence. In this age, powerful kingdoms fight for supremacy in the Hyborian world. Using armies, magic, and intrigue, these nations strive to expand their borders and increase their riches. Command the legions of imperial Aquilonia, the witches and monstrous creatures of frozen Hyperborea, the sorcerers and demonic servants of dusky Stygia, or the horse-hordes and cunning diplomats of the plains kingdom of Turan. Into this age of empire building, heroic achievements, and vile misdeeds steps Conan the Cimmerian – black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the earth under his sandaled feet.

Age of Conan is a board game that puts players in control of one of the major kingdoms of the Hyborian age, a period of history well known through the tales of Conan the Cimmerian, the barbarian hero created by Robert E. Howard. Players fight with armies, sorcery, and intrigues to make their kingdom the most powerful of the age, and to secure for their side the mightiest hero of all – Conan the Cimmerian!

Age of Conan: The Board Game includes:
• 1 Rulebook
• 1 Game Board
• 7 Fate Dice
• 6 Contest Dice
• 2 Punchboards with Counters/Tokens:
- 11 Raider Tokens
- 56 Adventure Tokens
- 20 Bidding Tokens
- 32 Gold Tokens
- 14 Sorcery Tokens
- 14 "Crom, count the dead!" Tokens
- 4 Empire Point Counters
- 1 First Player Token
• 168 Plastic figures in 4 sets:
- 18 Army Units
- 6 Emissaries
- 9 Towers
- 9 Forts
• 1 Conan Figure
• 1 Conan Destination Marker
• 165 Playing Cards:
- 27 Adventure Cards
- 12 Objective Cards
- 37 Strategy Cards
- 84 Kingdom Cards
- 3 Artifact Cards
- 1 Conan Bonus Card
- 1 Conan Player Card

Players: 2 - 4 / Playing Time: 90+ minutes / Ages: 12+

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