Brown Bess Bayonet

Our Brown Bess Bayonet is a socket bayonet which was an improvement over the earlier plug bayonets. The Brown Bess Bayonet was the standard British infantry bayonet issued from 1722 through 1840 for use with the Brown Bess musket. Socket Bayonets were made with a socket that fitted over the barrel of the musket and had a slot which slid past the fore sight. Later bayonets would have a locking catch. The blade was offset to one side allowing the soldier to load the musket. Our high quality Brown Bess Bayonet is a replica of the Brown Bess Bayonet that was used during the American Revolutionary War. The triangular bayonet blade is made from hand forged high carbon tempered steel.
Overall is 20" Internal Diameter 24mm
Includes Scabbard with Carrying Strap

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