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Burnside's Bridge: The Climactic Struggle of the 2nd and 20th Georgia at Antietam Creek is set before the heroic stand of the 20th Maine at Little Round Top, the 2nd and 20th Georgia infantries, led by Brig. Gen. Robert Toombs, held off a veritable Yankee juggernaut and triumphed at Burnside's Bridge on Antietam Creek in 1862. this detailed account profiles the troops whose last stand helped prevent the destruction of the Army of Northern Virginia, providing Robert E. Lee with yet another chance for a northern invasion.

By author: Phillip Thomas Tucker
ISBN: 9780811728164 
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Pages: 256
Illustrations: 5 maps

First thoroughly researched study of the struggle for Burnside Bridge
New perspective on Robert Toombs's role in the Army of Northern Virginia

"One Wednesday in September 1862, a few hundred Georgians held up an entire Federal corps for more than half a day and changed the course of the battle of Antietam. Burnside's Bridge details this story, one of the most dramatic of the Civil War." --Perry D. Jamieson, author of Death in September: The Antietam Campaign

"Burnside's Bridge highlights a significant but neglected aspect of Antietam that still ranks as the bloodiest day in American history. The author's scholarship is sound, his grasp of tactics sure, and his writing vivid, making Burnside's Bridge both a good read and good history." --Edward G. Longacre, author of The Cavalry at Gettysburg and Army of Amateurs

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