Chainmail Hauberk 60 Inch Chest Flat Ring Stainless

This is our Chainmail Hauberk Knee Length 60 inch Chest in Flat Ring Stainless Steel. This Code 6 Hauberk stainless steel, flat ring, dome riveted lacks the total authenticity of wedge-riveted mail but nevertheless provides excellent protection with minimum maintenance. Fits up to 60 Inch chest size measured over a gambeson and undergarments.

Construction: Dome Head Riveted.
Ring Type: European Flat Rings
Material: 17ga. mild steel.
Finish: Natural.
Ring Internal Diameter: 9mm.

Key Features:
* Stainless Steel
* Natural
* Flat Ring / Dome Head Rivet

Weight: 35lb
Gauge: 17ga
Diameter: 9mm
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Dome Head Riveted Mail Code 6 
This style of mail is reasonably authentic to the early medieval period, particularly in the European flat ring (EFR) version. In steel this construction style has the advantage of strength, allowing it to be used for supervised weapons contact re-enactment. More economical than wedge-riveted mail, the domed-head riveted style is available in stainless steel. Riveted stainless steel rings will maintain their integrity better than mild steel or aluminum. Construction is in the 4 in 1 pattern.

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