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Welcome to our pages of Medieval and Renaissance European Arm Armor. Our armor has been designed to suit the needs of collectors, period re-enactors/living history groups as well as other re-enactment societies. We offer some of the best Medieval Pauldrons, Cannons, Full Arm Armor, Upper Cannon Armor, Lower Arm Cannons, Upper and lower arm protection.

Each piece of armor is individually hand crafted by some of the best plattner's in Europe. They are able to study in depth original pieces from museums and private collections in Europe. Old-World craftsmanship ensures attention to detail. The bowls are dished with hammers not pressed by machines. The armour is true to the originals and is professionally made, using a minimum of modern processes. Many of these arm armors can be constructed to your preference of 14, 16 or 18-gauge steel.

The armor can custom be made to your measurements or choose standard off the rack armour. Each piece of armor is fully functional. This armour can be used for either Display or for SCA, Live Steel and Stage Fighting!

Shipping time is normally between 4 to 12 weeks. (Some items may take longer)

Whether you desire museum quality display pieces or battle ready jousting armour we feel confident you can find it here.

14th Century Arm Armor

14th Century Arm Armor GH0197
This quality accurate 14th Century Arm Armor or vambrace is made from 16 gauge steel with brass accents and rolled and roped edges.
Price: $735.00

Engraved Cannons

Engraved Cannons MD-502
Designed to protect the entire lower forearm. Our Engraved Cannons include expertly rolled and roped edges and are held together with a central hinge.
Price: $186.00

German Arm Armor 1460-1500 18Ga

German Arm Armor 1460-1500 18Ga
German Arm Armor 1460-1500 made from articulated 18 gauge steel plates. Three quarter Arm Armors include the upper and lower cannons, elbow, steel hinges, leather straps and medieval buckles.
Price: $272.00

Gothic Style Arm Armour with Couters

Gothic Style Arm Armour with Couters
These Gothic Style Couters are are hand-made from approx. 1 mm thick carbon steel plate arms each consisting of 3 parts. All segments parts have a riveted leather straps with buckles for attachment onto your arms.
Price: $450.00

Large Medieval Pauldrons

Large Medieval Pauldrons
Our Large Pauldrons with besagew have rolled and roped edges and are painted inside to help prevent rusting. Designed to be worn with either our CD-504 Gothic Gorget.
Price: $462.00

Medieval Full Arm Armor

Medieval Full Arm Armor CD-507
Our Medieval Full Arm Armor protects the entire arm and they are designed to match our CD-506 3 Quarter Legs. Includes spaulders, lames, upper and lower vambraces, elbow cops.
Price: $564.00

Milanese Shoulder Armor

Milanese Shoulder Armor
This Milanese Shoulder Armor is made from 16G steel. Pauldrons protect the shoulders, and these feature excellent articulation. They will compliment any 15th century-style harness. Ready to wear.
Price: $125.00

Natural Crusader Upper Leg Padding, XL

Natural Crusader Upper Leg Padding, XL
Crusader Upper Leg Padding with reinforced leather knee. Can be worn alone or with chainmail chausses or plate armor. Attaches to belt and laces up the back. Crusades to Renaissance arming wear. 
Price: $43.00
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