Leather Accessories

Medieval Leather Sword Accessories
Leather Accessories - Sword Frogs - Back Slings - Rapier Carriers - Baldrics - Scabbards

Back Slings for Swords

Back Slings for Swords
Leather Sword Back Slings - You've seen it in movie epics and in books. An easy way to carry and more importantly, draw your Sword while it's on your back.


Sword Rapier and Pistol Baldrics from Leather
Leather Baldrics - The baldric was a favorite way to wear a sword since biblical times, the use of the baldric continued into the 17th century.

Belts for Everyone

Medieval Leather Belts
Belts for Everyone - Quality Leather Medieval and Renaissance Belts including Sword and Dagger Belts

Leather Sword and Dagger Frogs

Sword Frogs inexpensive way to hang Medieval Swords, Daggers and Rapiers from a belt
Quality Leather Sword Frogs - Quality Leather Sword Frogs for suspending Sword and Dagger Scabbards from a Sword Belt.

Medieval Belt Buckles

Medieval Belt Buckles
Medieval Belt Buckles

Rapier Carriers

Leather Rapier Carriers
Leather Rapier Carriers - Made to carry a rapier correctly and securely.


Sword Scabbards for Medieval Swords and Rapiers Most are Custom Made
Sword and Dagger Scabbards - Our leather scabbards can be made to fit most swords and daggers.

Scrap Leather

Scrap Leather from 7-10oz and 13-15oz leather
Scrap Leather from our Leather shop sold by the pound. Heavy 13 - 15 ounce leather and Light 7 -10 ounce Leather in natural.
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