Valiant Arms Swords

Valiant Arms Swords
Valiant Arms swords are some of the highest quality replicas of swords, both fantasy & historical. Modern knights count on Valiant Arms Armory for the very best in medieval gear.

Dussack Cutlass Sword

Dussack Cutlass Sword 62-2652
Our Dussack Cutlass Sword is a curious weapon that dates back to Europe's early 1600's. Each Dussack cutlass is made from a single piece of steel and is clearly a "no frills" cutting weapon!
Price: $159.00

European Short Sword 62-8802

European Short Sword 62-8802
Our European Short Sword has been styled in an early European period form boasting a dashing single handed all brass guard and handle along with a carbon steel 27" long blade.
Price: $68.00

German Hunting Sword / Sabre 62-8828

German Hunting Sword / Sabre 62-8828
Our German Hunting Sword / Sabre is one of the variations of this hunting sword style that can be found in the National Museum at Munich, Germany and most closely resemble that of one in the collection of the Wallace Museum in London, England.
Price: $167.00

Greek Sword: Early Bronze Era Sword

Greek Sword: Early Bronze Era Sword 62-8840
Our Greek Sword: Early Bronze Era Sword, one of the earliest examples of metal swords originated with pre-Grecian cultures dating before the Bronze Age 2500-1300 BC.
Price: $120.00
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