Steampunk and Gothic Matching Pieces

Steampunk and Gothic Matching Pieces
Our Steampunk and Gothic Matching Pieces section is full of coordinating pieces. Necklaces, Earrings, bracelets, lighters, and more!

Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal Ring

Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal Ring Pewter Alchemy R120
The Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal Ring features an emerald pond of illusion and creation. The shimmering crystal element of the ring is set among several sculpted fairies along the sides for a fantasy look. 
Price: $38.00

AC/DC: Logo Stud Earrings

AC/DC: Logo Stud Earrings
Taken from the cover of AC/DC's 1977 ''Let There Be Rock'' album. A pair of, English pewter, stud earrings using the classic AC/DC lightning bolt logo.
Price: $17.98

Alchemist Skull Pen Top

Alchemist Skull Pen Top  Pewter Alchemy 17-BE4
The Alchemist Skull Pen Top is the Classic Alchemist's skull and is cast in English pewter and it is securely fitted to the top of the latest black Papermate ball pen. The pen is included.
Price: $8.25

Alchemist Stud Earrings

Alchemist Stud Earrings Pewter Alchemy E147
The Alchemist Stud Earrings are miniature Alchemist skulls for Acolytes who prefer to go incognito. These earrings allow you to show your allegiance to the powers that be while adoring yourself in great gothic fashion.
Price: $13.50

Ankh of the Dead Pendant

Ankh of the Dead Pendant Pewter Alchemy P221
The Ankh of the Dead Pendant serves as a gothic talisman of eternity for a vampire with its secret life blood blade inside the symbolic scabbard. This Egyptian symbol displays several other hieroglyphs along its stem.
Price: $50.00

Bacchanal Rose Bracelet

Bacchanal Rose Bracelet 17-A106
This Bacchanal Rose Bracelet is a sumptuous bracelet with a romantic motif hiding, or revealing, a secret libertine passion for wine and sensual pleasures; black roses for dark love and grape vines for vinous delights.
Price: $68.00

Bat Stud Earrings

Bat Studs Earrings Pewter Achemy E186
The Bat Stud Earrings are a subtle accent that allows any nocturnal predator to show off their style. Even if you are human and not vampire, these earrings are a great way to add some vampiric style to your gothic look.
Price: $16.00

Bestia Regalis Earrings

Bestia Regalis Earrings Pewter Alchemy E286
Dragons are a classic element of fantasy. Given a gothic twist in these Bestia Regalis Earrings, they are transformed into an accent that is perfect for fans of medieval lore and gothic style to wear when they want to look powerful. 
Price: $33.00

Black Cherry Stud Earrings

Black Cherry Stud Earrings Peweter Alchemy ULFE20
The fruits of a dark labor can be deadly indeed. These Black Cherry Skull Stud Earrings are a modern example of contemporary jewelry that offers a gothic twist, allowing you to sport something that is both cute and dark. 
Price: $26.00

Black Romance Bangle

Black Romance Bangle 17-A83
The Black Romance Bangle allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve - a black heart, wrapped around your wrist by spreadeagled wings of ethereal flight. For companion necklace, see 17-P609
Price: $49.00

Black Widow Stud Earrings

Black Widow Stud Earrings Pewter Alchemy E169
The Black Widow Stud Earrings evoke the predatory power of the spider. These particular earrings embody what is seen as one of the most deadly of female spiders, allowing you to transform her into an everyday accent for your style.
Regular Price: $14.00
On Sale For: $12.00

Bow Belles Studs Earrings

Bow Belles Studs Earrings Peweter Alchemy ULFE11
What girl does not want to decorate herself with bows and crystals? Even a gothic girl wants to have the finest gothic accessories that make her feel charming and feminine, such as these Bow Belles Stud Earrings. 
Price: $23.50

Bower Troth Ring

Bower Troth Ring Pewter Alchemy R198
Offered as a token of love to a lady in her special, hidden sanctuary, the Bower Troth Ring shall enchant, charm, and engage the object of your affections in a heartfelt pledge of faith with its elegant and sparkling appearance. 
Price: $29.99

Britannia Gem Ring

Britannia Gem Ring Pewter Alchemy R188
The sparkling splendor of this Britannia Gem Ring implies a royal recipient. The perfect picture of a royal accessory, this ring has an overall look and style that would fit the finger of a regal queen or a powerful lord. 
Price: $57.00

Celtic Dragon Earrings

Celtic Dragon Earrings
These Celtic Dragon Earrings feature 2 serpentine dragons, entangled in Celtic knotwork. Made from lead free pewter with fish hook wires. 
Price: $8.00

Celtic Flower Earrings

Celtic Flower Earrings
These Celtic Flower Earrings with crystal accents are made from lead free pewter with fish hook wires. 
Price: $8.00

Chain Gear Earring 17-E294

Chain Gear Earring 17-E294
The E294 Chain-Gear is an intriguing piece from the Alchemy Gothic collection. Crafted in fine English pewter, it features a unique design that combines elements of both chains and gears. Whether you’re a fan of gothic jewelry or simply appreciate the unconventional, this earring is sure to make a statement.
Price: $29.00

Chaosium Cuff Stud Earring

Chaosium Cuff Stud Earring Pewter Alchemy E247
The Chaosium Cuff Stud Earring is all about entropy. This fine accent is a chained stud and cuff that is made in pewter. Both the stud and the cuff sport the universal sigil for chaos, a burst of arrows that points in all possible directions. 
Price: $17.00

Coeur Noir Necklace

Coeur Noir Necklace Pewter Alchemy P410
The Coeur Noir Necklace displays a graceful black enameled heart flanked by a pair of angelic wings. This gothic necklace represents the thin line that exists between a fickle heart and love that surpasses death.
Price: $33.00

Coeur Noir Stud Cuff Earring

Coeur Noir Stud Cuff Earring Pewter Alchemy E212
The Coeur Noir Stud Cuff Earring embodies fettered and dark passion. The name means black heart, and this earring does not disappoint, delivering a dark design that is perfect for those who embrace the darkness in their style. 
Price: $18.00

David Bowie: Flash Stud Earrings

David Bowie: Flash Stud Earrings
This Lightning bolt logo design based-on David Bowie's early 1970s aesthetic. Antiqued English pewter stud earrings. They are sold as a matched pair.
Price: $17.98

Dead Note Skull Earrings

Dead Note Skull Earrings Peweter Alchemy ULFE17
Is it just us, or is there music in the air? When you wear these Dead Note Skull Earrings, there will certainly be music by your ears, as these stylish little accents add symphonic style to your fashion-forward look.
Price: $28.00

Death Ring

Death Ring Pewter Alchemy R6
The Death Ring features the famous blank, stark expression of the face of death. This Gothic ring is hand cast from fine English pewter and does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance. 
Price: $25.00

Death Studs Earrings

Death Studs Earrings Pewter Alchemy E76
The Death Studs Earrings are a pair of miniThe Death Stud Earrings are a miniature skull studs for the discreet fatalist. They are hand cast in English pewter and feature surgical steel post studs with plastic backers for easy and effortless wearing. 
Price: $15.00

Devil Heart Earrings

Devil Heart Earrings Peweter Alchemy ULFE22
Is your style of love filled with angel wings and harp music, or do you like to be just a little wicked? The Devil Heart Earrings dangle bright red enamel hearts with silvery, pointed horns and twining, forked tails. 
Price: $52.00

Double Axe Pendant

Double Axe Pendant Alchemy P11
The Double Axe Pendant recreates in miniature the professional trade tool of barbarian warlords. This striking gothic axe pendant hangs from the end of its handle, showing off a pair of curved blades to each side. 
Price: $20.50

Dragons Lure Ring

Dragons Lure Ring
The Dragon's Lure Ring from Alchemy Gothic - a stunning piece of jewelry that will capture your imagination. This exquisite ring features a tortuous miniature dragon that coils itself around your finger, like a whispering shoulder devil or a witch's familiar.
Price: $30.00

Egyptian Pyramid Earrings

Egyptian Pyramid Earrings
Rich with Ancient Egyptian imagery, these Egyptian Pyramid Earrings feature a scarab with rushes above and ankhs at its side. Made from lead free metal with fish hook style wires.
Price: $9.00

Egyptian Scarab Earrings

Egyptian Scarab Earrings
These Egyptian Scarab Earrings are made from lead free metal with fish hook wires. Scarabs were popular amulets in Ancient Egypt, and probably connected to the god Khepri.
Price: $8.00

El Corazon Earrings

El Corazon Earrings Peweter Alchemy ULFE15
Have you ever heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? With these El Corazon Earrings, you can not only literally wear some hearts over your sleeves, but you can also give them wings to let them fly. 
Price: $27.00

Elizabethan Bracelet

Elizabethan Bracelet 17-A78
Our Elizabethan Bracelet features Robert Dudley's original design for the tracery moulding above the North entrance to Kenilworth Castle for his great love, alas, never used; with Swarovski crystal hearts. (Companion ring 17-R156).  
Price: $72.00

Elizabethan Ring

Elizabethan Ring Pewter Alchemy R156
Our Elizabethan Ring features Robert Dudley's original design for the tracery moulding above the North entrance to Kenilworth Castle for his great love, alas, never used; with Swarovski crystal hearts. (Companion Bracelet 17-A78).
Price: $39.00

Eventide Bracelet

Eventide Bracelet 17-A99
The Eventide Bracelet Bracelet is made in silver-hued pewter. This bracelet is not lacking for detail as it fits a circular flight of bats about your wrist. 
Price: $51.00

Flocking Raven Ring

Flocking Raven Ring Pewter Alchemy R197
Beware the raven, for its eyes are not only its own. What it sees, Odin himself may also see! The Raven Flight Ring fits a captive corvus on your finger, making one of Odin's own messenger-birds into an accent for your look. 
Price: $28.00

Gears of Aiwass Wrist Strap Braclet

Gears of Aiwass Wrist Strap Braclet 17-A102
The Gears of Aiwass Wrist Strap Braclet depicts this being in a curling-horned, ram skull design. The engraved skull features a pentacle on its forehead, and it sits upon a round base with the subtle design of a gear.
Price: $50.00

Hell's Doorman Ring

Hell's Doorman Ring Pewter Alchemy R176
Even hell, it seems, has a guardian, whose purpose is to keep unwanted souls from entering the fiery abyss. This Hells Doorman Demon Skull Ring offers mortals a glimpse of this enigmatic figure without having to meet it in person. 
Regular Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $45.00

Killing Fields Skull Bracelet

Killing Fields Skull Bracelet 17-A93
This Killing Field Skull Bracelet is a stark display of death that reaches out and captures the attention with its distinctive gothic and gruesome design.
Price: $51.00

La Nuit Pendant

La Nuit Necklace Pewter Alchemy P600
The night can hold such treasures for those who have the fortitude and bravery to withstand its influence and its denizens. Borne on ghastly wings, La Nuit Pendant brings forth one such treasure with its glimmering crystal. 
Price: $32.00

Laser Cut Wooden Earrings

Alchemist Stud Earrings Pewter Alchemy E147
These are laser cut earring that are made of wood which make them light weight and easy to paint any color you like.  These are sold as a pair and are made in the USA. 
Price: $13.50

Laser Cut Wooden Earrings

Laser Cut Wooden Earrings
These are laser cut earrings that are made of wood which make them light weight and easy to paint in any color you like.  These are sold as a pair and are made in the USA. 
Price: $13.50

Mirror of the Soul Earrings

Mirror of the Soul Earrings Pewter Alcjhemy E271
Do you dare look at that which can reflect your soul? These Mirror of the Soul Studs are earrings that reflect both love and darkness, creating a duality that serves well the mistress who prefers to be both lovely and frightening. 
Price: $32.00

No Man's Land Bracelet

No Man's Land Bracelet 17-A103
The No Mans Land Skull Bracelet has multiple realistic skulls appear along the length of the gothic bracelet, rendered with macabre detail. 
Price: $64.00

Om Strygia Pendant

Om Strygia Necklace Pewter Alchemy 17-P597
Unlike those typically native to the Americas, any vampire bat encountered in the Balkans is likely to seem abnormally large and quite aggressive. The Om Strygia Pendant depicts a vampire bat of Balkan descent.
Price: $28.00

Order of the Black Rose Necklace

Order of the Black Rose Pendent Pewter Alcheimy P502
The Order of the Black Rose Necklace depicts a facsimile of the regalia of a cryptic 17th century fraternity of alchemists used in a mystical marriage ceremony. The gothic pendant displays a black rose in front of a red cross. 
Price: $43.00

Passion Earring Wrap

Passion Earring Wrap Pewter Alchemy E287
A bramble of thorns entangles the ear, weeping tears of Swarovski crystal blood. The Passion Earring Wrap is cast and hand made in fine English pewter, creating a stunning accessory that will grab the attention of all who see it. 
Price: $35.00

Pentagram Pendant

Pentagram Pendant Alchemy Pewter P58
The Pentagram Pendant is an interwoven seal of the mystics and the magi. This Gothic pendant is handmade in fine English pewter, hand-plated and comes complete upon a nickel-free chain or other necklace of appropriate length. 
Price: $16.00

Pentagration Bracelet

Pentagration Bracelet 17-A85
Our Pentagration Bracelet has taken the classic pentagram and infused it with modern-day attitude, creating a symbol for a new age.
Price: $40.00

Pentanoir Star Stud Earrings

Pentanoir Star Stud Earrings Pewter Alchemy E168
The Pentanoir Star Stud Earrings are hand polished pentagram ear studs with an added accent. Filled with black enameling, these pentagrams draw on a dark style that is a perfect companion to the traditional gothic guy or girl. 
Regular Price: $20.00
On Sale For: $15.00

Rabeschadel Bracelet

Rabeschadel Bracelet 17-A105
Our Rabeschadel Bracelet is German for 'raven's skull'. The great black bird is famous for it's prophetic powers and being Odin's messengers and capable of foretelling death.
Price: $47.00

Rose of Passion Earring Wrap

Rose of Passion Earring Wrap Pewter Alchemy E276
Complete your look with this uniquely designed Rose of Passion Earring Wrap with crystal blood drop. Distinctive and gothic, this earring features a surgical steel post while the earring itself is made in fine English pewter.
Price: $29.50

Rose of Passion Pendant

Rose of Passion Pendant Pewter Alchemy P560
The unattainable black rose bleeds for what cannot be. The Rose of Passion Pendant has a black finish, studded with Swarovski crystals. Crafted from fine English pewter, it is hung on a satin and bead necklace. 
Price: $44.00

Runeband Ring

Runeband Ring Pewter Alchemy R173
Nordic culture revered battle, finding a distinctive pleasure and beauty in combat that baffled many other peoples of their day. With the Runeband Ring, we see runes that recite a mantra fit for a Norse warrior. 
Price: $26.00

Skull and Briar Rose Bracelet

Skull and Briar Rose Bracelet 17-A96
The Skull and Briar Rose Bracelet wraps the wrist in thorny vines and black roses, while also showing off a central skull, symbolic of mortality.
Price: $44.00

Steamhead Gearpunk Ring

Steamhead Gearpunk Ring Pewter Alchemy R186
Behold, the first punk automaton! This surreal Steamhead Gearpunk Ring is a combination of steampunk and gothic style, featuring a cranial opening that reveals the innermost workings of this unique and intriguing steampunk phenomenon. 
Price: $67.00

Swallow Studs Earrings

Swallow Studs Earrings Pewter Alchemy ULFE4
The swallow is a beautiful bird with a sleek, nimble, and elegant form, while also being symbolic of care, love, and loyalty. These Swallow Stud Earrings are an attractive accessory that allows you to wear this avian creature.
Regular Price: $20.00
On Sale For: $14.00

Temptation Ear Wrap Earring

Temptation Ear Wrap Earring Pewter Alchemy E234
The Temptation Ear Wrap Earring draws on the Garden of Eden to create a unique gothic accent. This single earring takes the devilish and tempting serpent and transform it into an accent that you can wear right upon your ear. 
Price: $27.00

The Alchemist Pendant

The Alchemist Pendant Pewter Alchemy P26
The Alchemist Pendant displays the skull of a philosopher that holds a blackened rose in its teeth. This gothic skull pendant features an inscribed letter A in the center of its forehead as a reminder of its alchemical powers.
Price: $21.00

The Black Baron Technician's Wingstrap

The Black Baron Technician's Wingstrap 17-A100
The Black Baron Wingstrap Bracelet is crafted in two-toned pewter and set on a dark brown split leather strap, this accent depicts a gear-powered wing in bronze and silver.
Price: $51.00

The Devil's Guitar Earrings

The Devils Guitar Earrings Peweter Alchemy ULFE19
The crossroads are an infamous location, noted by many who might want to make a deal with the devil for greater gain. Luckily, you do not have to sell your soul to enjoy the devilish style of these Devil's Guitar Earrings.
Price: $27.00

The Dogaressa's Last Love Ring

The Dogaressa's Last Love Ring Pewter Alchemy R199
This token of forlorn devotion from the Lady of the palace in Renaissance Venice makes a charming accessory for any style. The Dogaressa Last Love Ring features an ornate design that suspends a blue Swarovski crystal heart.
Price: $23.00

Thor's Runehammer Ring

Thor's Runehammer Ring Pewter Alchemy R171
Mighty Thor was known as one of the greatest warrior-gods of the Norse pantheon, possessing strength beyond many other god-heroes of myth and legend. With the Thors Runehammer Ring, you can grasp a portion of his power. 
Price: $31.00

Thunder Torque Bracelet

Thunder Torque Bracelet 17-A106
Our Thunder Torque Bracelet is the most classic form of Dark Age vanity and hard earned battle trophy, this lordly, iconic torque bangle must be that of a Scandinavian or Saxon pagan noble, won, almost inevitably, by force.
Price: $65.00

Thunderhammer Bracelet

Thunderhammer Bracelet 17-A98
This Celtic Thunderhammer Leather Bracelet is an impressive hammer gives you a Norse accent that any Viking would eagerly wear, depicting Thors Mjolnir hammer adorned with Celtic knot patterns.
Price: $52.00

Vis Viva Dragon Ring

Vis Viva Dragon Ring Pewter Alchemy R183
This ring is almost a force unto itself, possessing an impressive style and a level of detail that means it is bound to get noticed. When you wear the Vis Viva Dragon Ring, you will be sure to get noticed along with it. 
Price: $36.00

Whitby Wyrm Earrings

Whitby Wyrm Earrings Pewter Alchemy E279
The image of an English legend, the Whitby Wyrm Earrings are a subtle accent that allows you to sport a dose of dragon style whenever you want! Perfect for gothic and medieval styles, these earrings are a must for any enthusiast. 
Price: $13.50

Whitby Wyrm Necklace

Whitby Wyrm Necklace Pewter Alchemy P323
The Whitby Wyrm Pendant depicts the legendary beast of the antichrist known to North Yorkshire. Represented as a rampant dragon, this devilish wyrm forms a detailed figure of the classical medieval monster as it roars.
Price: $36.00
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