Edgar Allan Poe Products

Edgar Allan Poe Products
Enjoy our Edgar Allan Poe line of products. Every item within was inspired by Poe or one of his works.

Black Raven Pendant

Black Pewter Raven Pendant Alchemy P193
Intelligent tricksters, ravens seem to follow wherever the darker elements of the world thrive. The Black Raven Pendant displays one of these gothic birds as it scans the ground below for potential prey or mischief. 
Price: $28.00

Large Raven Figurine

Large Raven Figurine,Large Raven Statue
Made from cold cast resin and hand painted, this Large Raven Statue measures approximately 14.5 inches in length. An unusually intelligent bird, ravens are ever-present in mythology, from Norse tales to the New Testament. 
Price: $75.00

Nevermore Earring

Nevermore Earring Pewter Alchemy E284
Poe's timeless and tragic poem, The Raven, is epitomized in this dark homage. The Nevermore Earring lets the raven take flight while bearing a cross, ensuring that it adds something truly dark and delightful to your own look. 
Regular Price: $28.00
On Sale For: $20.00

Raven's Eye Earring

Raven's Eye Earring Pewter Alchemy E265
The Raven's Eye Earring suggests the dark and melancholy thoughts of Edgar Allan Poe focused through the lens of his sinister protagonist.
Regular Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $23.50

Ravenskull Earring 17-E235

Runeskull Earring 17-E235
The Ravenskull Earring dangles long, tantalising black feathers trail from a remorseful, crystal skull stud.
Regular Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $18.00
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