Live Steel Swords

Reenactment Swords
Our range of Reenactment swords have been designed to fit the needs of reenactors and sword-fighting enthusiasts. Swords of this type have been used by European reenactors in tournaments, sword fighting displays and battle re-enactments for many years. Made from very tough spring steel these battle ready swords are as functional as the originals. They offer solid grips, pommels and guards. Each blade is fully tempered and hardened. The edges of the blades are left unsharpened and slightly rounded for rebated/live steel combat. An optional 1 mm. sharpened edged is available.

Please note: These swords are made in small quantities and can take approximately 4 to 12 weeks for delivery.

Falchion Sword

Falchion Sword
Falchion - Steel pommel and guard with leather wrapped grip. Designed for live steel combat. Blunted or factory edged spring steel blade.
Price: $306.00

Functional Spartan Sword

Functional Spartan Sword GH0202
Functional Spartan Sword - Fully functional, battle ready sword designed for live steel use. Can be factory edged.
Price: $384.00

Medieval Bastard Sword GH0003

Medieval Bastard Sword
Bastard Sword - Steel pommel and guard with leather wire wrapped grip. Designed for live steel combat. Blunted or factory edged spring steel blade.
Price: $543.00

Roman Gladius Sword

Roman Gladius Sword
Functional Custom made Roman Gladius with wooden pommel, guard and spiraled wooden grip. Swords designed for live steel combat. with sword blades made from high carbon spring steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 50 - 54 HRC.
Price: $459.00

Stage Combat Sabre

Stage Combat Sabre SR7006
This Stage Combat Sabre is based on the military sabres of the 19th Century. These sabre fencing blades are durable enough for sports fencing and are becoming increasingly popular with historical fencers and HEMA (historical European martial arts) practitioners. Made in the UK.
Price: $99.00
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