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American Liberty Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain
The American Liberty Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain was created in memory of the 9/11 Twin Towers disaster and terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.
P08 Luger Hardshell Holster Brown - Collector Grade
Improved version of our German WWII P08 Luger Holster is a collector's grade replica. Made in high quality brown full grain leather. Correct in all respects including white stitching,  as originally issued. Marked P08. Includes Makers Mark.
Dulcimer Hammers Plain Walnut - Pair - Leather Pads
Pair of plain wooden American dulcimer hammers, with leather pads.
Dulcimer Hammers Plain Walnut - Pair
Pair of plain wooden American dulcimer hammers. No pads.
Crossbow Crank - Crannequin
Crossbow crank or Cranequin is handmade from blackened steel; the crank handle is steel with a wood grip. This mechanical spanning aid fits over the butt of a crossbow stock with its cord ring where it can then be used to span the bow prod.
Roman Lorica Segmentata - Newstead
This Roman Lorica Segmentata Armor - Newstead type, is constructed from 18 gauge steel plates with brass fittings. The armor is blackened on the inside and articulated by riveting the plates to internal, thick leather bands.
Deluxe Shotgun 12Ga Cleaning Kit
Deluxe Shotgun 12Ga Cleaning Kits made with fine wood boxes, the brushes are Payne Gallaway (PG) brushes with English threads, and a converter for American brushes. All wooden accessories made with Rosewood/Ebony wood.
Knob Cane Walking Stick
This Knob Cane Walking Stick has a shaft made from seamless aluminum. The grip and pommel head are solid aluminum. Non-slip rubber tip. Overall 36 inches. Black finish.
Medieval Spaulders with Scale Armor
Medieval shoulder armor. Spaulders are handmade from 18 and 20 gauge steel. Rolled edges for comfort and safety in combat. Leather ties makes it easy to attach to a breastplate, gorget or padded armor. One size fits most.
Viking Sax Knife with Bone Grip
The Viking Sax was an all purpose belt knife or dagger. This version has a bone grip. Used for fighting the Sax was also handy as a camp tool.
Celtic Short Sword
This Celtic Short Sword is made in the Anthropomorphic style and has a blade of unsharpened high carbon steel. The hilt is crafted from bronze and bone. The pommel nut is brass. The fitted sheath is crafted from leather.
Viking Temple Sword - Custom
Viking temple sword with custom features. Designed for live steel combat, this battle ready sword will stand up to the rigors of steel to steel sword fighting.
English Tourney Close Helm - SCA Helmet - 14 Gauge
English Tourney Close Helm is constructed from 14 gauge steel. Articulated visor can be raised, and the entire front half of helm can be opened vertically to fit the helm around the head. The neck plates of the helmet articulate.
Zeltbahn German Tent Quarter - Blurred Edge
Zeltbahn German Tent Quarter in blurred edge camo. The Zeltbahn or tent quarter was a camouflaged multi-purpose piece of German equipment that was issued to soldiers during WWII. Waterproof, Correct buttons, 99 inches wide x 74 inches tall.
La Tene Celtic Dagger with Leather Sheath
La Tene Celtic Dagger with high carbon steel blade; grip is polished wood with decorative brass studs. Guard is fitted with a brass guard-plate. The dagger comes with a laced sheath of thick genuine leather.
Forged Medieval Candle Holder
This medieval candle holder is a hand forged candlestick holder made from iron. Makes a great accent piece for your medieval decor or medieval camp.
U.S. Army Officer’s Visor Cap - Khaki Collector's Grade WWII
Our u.s. Collectors Grade World War II Army / Army Air Corps Visor Caps are the top of the line WWII collector hats on the market. Made from premium materials, these United States Army caps feature Olive Drab wool twill tops with wool mohair cap bands.
Horn Cup with Handle
The Horn Drinking Cup was a common early accessory that was a simple cup fashioned from cow or buffalo horn. It was easy to carry in a knap- sack, inside a hunting shirt, a pannier or a saddlebag.
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